M3EWB Education and Mentoring Program 2023

The purpose of the M3EWB Education and Mentoring Program is to train the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers who will advance the science of EWB. Aiming to build and extend network synergies, the M3EWB Education and Mentoring Program includes diverse activities designed to facilitate building the skills, knowledge, and experience to prepare early stage investigators to excel in their future careers.

Two distinct pathways are offered in the program, both provide opportunities across four foundations:

  • Increasing Knowledge: activities to gain knowledge about aspects of EWB and potential mechanisms and interventions
  • Strengthening Skills: activities to build practical skills, such as in methods, grant applications and management, and dissemination in areas relevant to EWB
  • Expanding Networks: activities that provide exposure to the work and expertise of key groups and individuals involved in EWB-relevant research
  • Building Community: activities that offer opportunities for early career professionals to build their individual networks through informal, regularly-scheduled meetings to share ideas, pose questions, and problem-solve challenges

The combination of individualized pathways and intensive mentored research training to promising scholars of EWB research is consistent with the mission of NCCIH. The ultimate objective of the M3EWB Education and Mentoring Program is to grow the EWB network through investment in early-career researchers who will develop careers that include a focus on some aspect of EWB. Being an M3EWB Scholar or Fellow will provide experiences that may meaningfully contribute to preparation for F31/F32 and K grant application development.

The two pathways, M3EWB Fellows and M3EWB Scholars, are further described below. Participation in either – with regard to provision of funding support – involves a competitive selection process. Each participant selected will, in conjunction with their M3EWB mentor, design an Individualized Development Plan (IDP) to articulate their goals in seeking education and training and provide a structure for monitoring progress.

Application Deadline: December 22, 2022 Anticipate award notifications Spring 2023.

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Fellows Program Application 2023 M3EWB Mind-Body Mechanisms and EWB (Click the “+” to expand description)

Dr. Crystal Park, Mentor

The M3EWB Fellows Program provides a year-long intensive mentoring experience for Early Career Investigators, likely late graduate student to early assistant professor levels.  The program will accommodate 4-5 fellows in each cohort, meeting regularly via web-conferencing.

Aim: To help mentees develop experience and skills in areas relevant to long-term EWB and mind-body research by actively participating in planning and assisting in research with an M3EWB PI.

Objective: Help to prepare mentees for NIH grant applications (NCCIH or other ICs) with research expertise and honed research questions and skills. We anticipate taking 2 or 3 cohorts of M3EWB Fellows, beginning in 2023.

The 2023 Cohort will focus on an EWB mechanistic research question regarding yoga interventions and EWB.

This cohort will assist PI Park in the conduct of a pilot clinical study. This will include going through all the steps of conducting a research project, including refining research questions, developing and refining a protocol, getting IRB approval, getting NCCIH approval, participant recruitment, study implementation, data analysis and interpretation, and manuscript preparation.  In addition, the fellows will be invited to take part in our M3EWB scholarly activities, such as receiving feedback on their ideas and plans for proposed work and attending InCHIP EWB lectures and discussions.

Support for Participation: M3EWB Fellows will receive a $1500 stipend (50% upon acceptance, 50% upon completion), and will be eligible to apply for a travel stipend up to $1000 to defer participation costs for presentations related to EWB

Final reporting: Meeting of all Fellows (virtual) to report on how their IDP/activities informed their EWB scholarship and planned next career/research steps.

Application Deadline: December 22, 2022 Anticipate award notifications Spring 2023.

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Scholars Program Application 2023 M3EWB (Click the “+” to expand description)

We anticipate approximately 10 scholars per year.  M3EWB Scholars are expected to commit to participating in at least 3 of the provided opportunities over the year:

  • Participate in a data blitz (series of 5 min data presentations offering a fast-paced overview of a bite-sized bit of research)
  • Work with MPIs on a systematic review paper
  • Participate in short-term mentoring experiences (e.g., short workshop on select topics such as statistical approaches to measuring mechanisms)
  • Attend small talks with a high-profile EWB researcher, scheduled before/after the M3EWB/InCHIP lectures
  • Develop a collaborative paper in a day on timely topics:  http://deevybee.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-paper-in-day-approach.html
  • Receive feedback on project ideas, grant applications, etc.
  • Participate in informal meetings on topics related to building their lab

Support for Participation: M3EWB Scholars are eligible to apply for travel funding stipend (up to $500/scholar).

Final reporting: Meeting of all scholars (virtual) to report on how their IDP/activities informed their EWB scholarship and planned next career/research steps.

Application Deadline: December 22, 2022 Anticipate award notifications Spring 2023.

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