Welcome to the M3EWB Network

The M3EWB Network is part of a collaborative web of research hubs funded by the National Institute of Health to advance the study of a variety of facets of emotional well-being.
Our team of interdisciplinary researchers have come together to build consensus on a definition of EWB, explore existing measurement of EWB and contribute to gaps in this area (e.g., adapting and validating measures of EWB for children and adolescents), and investigate the relationship between Mind-Body Interventions and EWB (i.e., whereby EWB may be and outcome or mediator of improved mental and physical health).

Our conceptual frame is that emotional well-being is itself an important outcome of mind-body interventions and that emotional well-being may be a mechanism of mind-body interventions on other outcomes. Therefore, it is important that emotional well-being is carefully conceptualized and measured in order to use tools to test mind-body interventions and identify mechanisms.

The M3EWB Network objectives are to:

  • Identify essential components of emotional well-being
  • Establish an emotional well-being measures toolkit
  • Identify mechanisms to inform intervention theory

Example questions to be tackled by M3EWB Network members include:

  • What is EWB? What components are essential and how are they best assessed through different methods?
  • How relevant are components of EWB across the lifespan and various specific populations?
  • How can adult measures of EWB be adapted for valid use in child and adolescent populations?
  • What methods of harmonization will allow us to compare EWB across studies?
  • What are the neural mechanisms of MBI impact on EWB?
  • Is EWB a mechanism by which MBIs bring about better mental and physical health?

Grant #: NIH U24AT011281