The purpose of the M3EWB Education and Mentoring Program is to train the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers who will advance the science of EWB. Aiming to build and extend network synergies, the M3EWB Education and Mentoring Program includes diverse activities designed to facilitate building the skills, knowledge, and experience to prepare early stage investigators to excel in their future careers. Pathways are offered in the program provide opportunities across four foundations:
  • Increasing Knowledge: activities to gain knowledge about aspects of EWB and potential mechanisms and interventions
  • Strengthening Skills: activities to build practical skills, such as in methods, grant applications and management, and dissemination in areas relevant to EWB
  • Expanding Networks: activities that provide exposure to the work and expertise of key groups and individuals involved in EWB-relevant research
  • Building Community: activities that offer opportunities for early career professionals to build their individual networks through informal, regularly-scheduled meetings to share ideas, pose questions, and problem-solve challenges.
The combination of individualized pathways and intensive mentored research training to promising scholars of EWB research is consistent with the mission of NCCIH. The ultimate objective of the M3EWB Education and Mentoring Program is to grow the EWB network through investment in early-career researchers who will develop careers that include a focus on some aspect of EWB. Being an M3EWB Scholar or Fellow will provide experiences that may meaningfully contribute to preparation for F31/F32 and K grant application development.