Defining EWB

The following definition of emotional well-being (EWB) is a working draft. Drs. Sandra Chafouleas and Crystal Park led an interdisciplinary committee of researchers. This team spent over six months working together to create an inclusive taxonomy of EWB that takes into account many factors such as: life events, culture, emotions, cognition, and physical health.

Our working definition of EWB is:


EWB is a multi-dimensional composite that encompasses how positive an individual feels generally and about life overall.


It has both experiential features such as the emotional quality of everyday experiences and reflective features such as judgments about: life satisfaction, sense of meaning, and ability to pursue goals that can include and extend beyond the self.


These features occur in the context of culture, life circumstances, resources, and life course.


We expect that this definition may change over time so please stay tuned for more. If you have feedback please let us know here.