CSCH-M3EWB Feeling Well: The Science and Practice of Emotional Well-Being

Course Description

Feeling, being, and doing well can be really hard. Both individually and collectively, it can sometimes seem that there are endless barriers that keep us from thriving and feeling our best selves. In this course, we explore the science and practice of emotional well-being, defined as how positive an individual feels generally and about life overall. We will define the components to emotional well-being, which include the emotional quality of everyday moments as well as judgments such as life satisfaction, meaning, and goal pursuit. We will explore the interdependence across individuals, communities, and systems that contribute to emotional well-being, and will share effective strategies to enhance emotional well-being.

Syllabus: EmotionalWellBeing_Fall2023_Syllabus

Brief 1: What is Emotional Well-Being?

Brief 2: Emotional Well-Being: Contributors and Consequences

Brief 3: Emotional Well-Being: How Do We Measure It?

Brief 4: Emotional Well-Being: Next Steps in Research

Brief 5: Can Frequent Positive Emotions Lead to Success

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