Assessment of Quality of Life 6D (AQoL-6D)

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Richardson J, Day N, Peacock S, et al. Measurement of the quality of life for economic evaluation and the Assessment of Quality of Life (AQoL) Mark 2 instrument. Aust Econ Hist Rev 2004;37:62–88.
General information
Purpose The AQoL-6D instrument is an adaptation of the AQoL. It was designed to increase sensitivity to health, state variations close to normal health, and to extend the coverage of AQoL. The AQoL instruments were designed because of the perceived limitations in the other instruments.
Domain(s) Life Satisfaction
Quality of Life
Target population Adult
Number of items 20
Administration format self-report
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Availability in other languages Spanish, German, Danish, Chinese, Italian
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The AQoL-6D can be dowloaded here:

Non-exhaustive list of psychometric studies

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Richardson J. (2010). Psychometric Validity and Multi Attribute Utility (MAU) Instruments, Research Paper 57, Centre for Health Economics, Monash University, Melbourne.

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