General Well-Being Scale

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Dupuy HJ (1977). The General Well-being Schedule. In I McDowell, C Newell (Eds.), Measuring health: a guide to rating scales and questionnaire (2nd ed) (pp. 206-213). USA: Oxford University Press.
General information
Purpose The General well-being schedule is a self-administered questionnaire that focuses on one’s subjective feelings of psychological well-being and distress. The scale assesses how the individual feels about his/ her “inner personal state”. It consists of 18 items covering six dimensions of anxiety, depression, general health, positive well-being, self-control and vitality. The scale includes both positive […]
Domain(s) Life Satisfaction
Positive Affect
Target population Adult
Number of items 18
Administration format self-report
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Non-exhaustive list of psychometric studies
Fazio, Anthony F. (1977). A concurrent validational study of the NCHS general well-being schedule.
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