Generic Children’s Quality of Life Measures (GCQ)

Collier, J., MacKinlay, D., & Phillips, D. (2000). Norm values for the Generic Children's Quality of Life Measure (GCQ) from a large school-based sample. Quality of Life Research, 9(6), 617-623.
General information
Purpose The Generic Children’s Quality of Life Measure (GCQ) is used to measure the quality of life in children between the ages of 6 and 14 years. It can be used with children in the general population, as well as those who have specific health or social difficulties. The GCQ is not symptom-oriented or problem-specific, but […]
Domain(s) Life Satisfaction
Quality of Life
Target population Child
Number of items 50
Administration format self-report
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The children first complete all 25 questions relating to the child they feel is most like themselves,
they are then instructed to turn to a further answer
section and answer the questions relating to the
child they would most like to be.

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