Göteborg Quality of Life Measurement Scale (GQL)

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Tibblin, G., Tibblin, B., Peciva, S., Kullman, S., & Svärdsudd, K. (1990). " The Göteborg quality of life instrument"--an assessment of well-being and symptoms among men born 1913 and 1923. Methods and validity. Scandinavian journal of primary health care. Supplement, 1, 33-38.
General information
Purpose The Göteborg Quality of Life Instrument (GQL instrument) was developed in the early 1970s (1).The WHO definition of health led the investigators to go beyond clinical observations and diagnoses, and consider self-assessment of perceived symptoms and physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Initially the GQL-instrument was used to assess the quality of life in a population […]
Domain(s) Quality of Life
Target population Adult
Number of items 49
Administration format self-report
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