Life Satisfaction Index (LSI)

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Neugarten, B. L., Havighurst, R. J., & Tobin, S. S. (1961). The measurement of life satisfaction. Journal of Gerontology, 16, 134–143.
General information
Purpose The Life Satisfaction Index (LSI) covers general feelings of well–being among older people to identify “successful” aging. The concept of life satisfaction is closely related to morale, adjustment and psychological well-being. The LSI intends to measure 5 components of life satisfaction which include zest (as opposed to apathy), resolution and fortitude, congruence between desired and […]
Domain(s) Goal Pursuit
Life Satisfaction
Positive Affect
Quality of Life
Sense of Meaning
Target population Adult
Number of items 32
Administration format self-report
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Availability in other languages Chinese and Japanese
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Non-exhaustive list of psychometric studies

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