Maryland Ask Me!

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Bonham, Basehart, S., Schalock, R. L., Marchand, C. B., Kirchner, N., & Rumenap, J. M. (2004). Consumer-based quality of life assessment: The Maryland Ask Me! Project. Mental Retardation (Washington), 42(5), 338–355.;2
General information
Purpose The Maryland Ask Me! instrument assesses consumer-perceived quality of life among adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities who receive state-based services.
Domain(s) Quality of Life
Target population Adult
Number of items 48
Administration format self-report
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Lai Chun Yu, A., Joseph Jupp, J., & Taylor, A. (1996). The discriminate validity of the Lifestyle Satisfaction Scale (LSS) for the assessment of Australian adults with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, 21(1), 3–15.

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