McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire

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Cohen, S. R., Mount, B. M., Tomas, J. J. N., & Mount, L. F. (1996). Existential well-being is an important determinant of quality of life : Evidence from the McGill quality of life questionnaire. Cancer, 77(3), 576–586.
General information
Purpose The McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire is a 17-item multidimensional tool designed to measure physical well-being, physical symptoms, psychological symptoms, existential well-being and support, as well as overall quality of life. Created for people at all stages of a life-threatening illness (from diagnosis to cure or death), the MQOL was designed to assess general domains […]
Domain(s) Goal Pursuit
Life Satisfaction
Positive Affect
Quality of Life
Sense of Meaning
Target population Adult, Child
Number of items 17
Administration format self-report
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Alternate forms

MQOL-Revised (MQOL-R) is a revised version of the original MQOL and assesses the same four domains: Physical, Psychological, Existential, and Social (called Relationships in the original MQOL). , MQOL-Expanded (MQOL-E) includes MQOL-R plus four new domains that are important to the quality of life of palliative care patients near the end of life. The new domains are: Burden; Environment; Healthcare; Cognition.

Availability in other languages French, Spanish
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Non-exhaustive list of psychometric studies

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