Modular System for Quality of Life (MSQOL)

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Pukrop, Möller, H. J., & Steinmeyer, E. M. (2000). Quality of life in psychiatry: a systematic contribution to construct validation and the development of the integrative assessment tool “modular system for quality of life.” European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 250(3), 120–132.
General information
Purpose The MSQoL is an integration of eight (inter)nationally established QoL instruments
Domain(s) Life Satisfaction
Positive Affect
Quality of Life
Target population Adult
Number of items 447
Administration format self-report
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The eight instruments are: Sickness Impact Profile (SIP; Bergner et al. 1976, 1981), Nottingham Health Profile (NHP; European Group for Qualityof Life and Health Measurement 1992; Hunt et al. 1986): , Short-Form-36 (SF-36; Stewart and Ware 1992; Ware 1993), Questionnaire for the State of Health (QSH; ESCAPE 1994), Fragebogen Alltagsleben (Questionnaire for Everyday-living;
ALLTAG; Bullinger et al. 1993), Psychological General Well-Being Schedule (PGWBS; Dupuy
1984), Quality of Life Questionnaire (QLQ; Steinmeyer et al. 1996), Lancaster Quality of Life Profile (LQLP; Lehman, 1988;
Oliver, 1991)

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