Public Health Surveillance Well-being Scale (PHS-WB)

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Bann, C. M., Kobau, R., Lewis, M. A., Zack, M. M., Luncheon, C., & Thompson, W. W. (2012). Development and psychometric evaluation of the public health surveillance well-being scale. Quality of life research, 21(6), 1031–1043.
General information
Purpose The Public Health Surveillance Well-Being Scale is a brief, 10-item measure designed to assess mental, physical, and social health related to wellbeing.  Its design is intended to be used in national surveys or in situations in which a longer form is not feasible.
Domain(s) Life Satisfaction
Positive Affect
Target population Adult
Number of items 10
Administration format self-report
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Non-exhaustive list of psychometric studies
Kesim, S. I., & Kara, F. (2019). The public health surveillance well-being scale: Reliability and validity study of the Turkish version. Journal of Health and Social Sciences, 4(3), 417-428.
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