Quality of Life Profile Adolescent Version

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Raphael, D., Rukholm, E., Brown, I., Hill-Bailey, P., & Donato, E. (1996). The quality of life profile—Adolescent version: Background, description, and initial validation. Journal of Adolescent Health, 19(5), 366-375.
General information
Purpose The 54-item Quality of Life Profile: Adolescent Version (QOLPAV) asks adolescents to rate items for importance and satisfaction.
Target population
Number of items 54
Administration format self-report
Additional formats
Alternate forms

A variety of alternate forms have been developed for this measure. These include short forms, translations, varying populations. See other formats here: http://sites.utoronto.ca/qol/publications.htm

Availability in other languages French, German, Italian, Portuguese
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Available for purchase here: http://sites.utoronto.ca/qol/publications.htm

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