Quality of Life Profile: Adolescent Version (QOLPAV)

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Raphael, D., Rukholm, E., Brown, I., Hill-Bailey, P., & Donato, E. (1996). The quality of life profile—Adolescent version: Background, description, and initial validation. Journal of Adolescent Health, 19(5), 366-375.
General information
Purpose The 54-item Quality of Life Profile: Adolescent Version (QOLPAV) asks adolescents to rate items for importance and satisfaction.
Domain(s) Goal Pursuit
Life Satisfaction
Positive Affect
Quality of Life
Sense of Meaning
Target population Child
Number of items 54
Administration format self-report
Additional formats
Alternate forms

A variety of alternate forms have been developed for this measure. These include short forms, translations, varying populations. See other formats here: https://www.corc.uk.net/outcome-experience-measures/quality-of-life-profile-adolescent-version-qolpav/

Availability in other languages French, German, Italian, Portuguese
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Available for purchase here: http://sites.utoronto.ca/qol/publications.htm

Non-exhaustive list of psychometric studies

McAlinden, N. M., & Oei, T. P. S. (2006). Validation of the Quality of Life Inventory for patients with anxiety and depression. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 47(4), 307–314. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.comppsych.2005.09.003

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Meuleners, L. B., & Lee, A. H. (2005). Quality of Life Profile – Adolescent Version: Assessing the relationship of covariates to scale scores using structural equation modeling. Quality of Life Research, 14(4), 1057–1063. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11136-004-2573-1

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