Youth Quality of Life Instrument – Research Version (YQOL-R)

General information
Purpose The Youth Quality of Life Instrument – Research Version (YQOL-R) measures generic quality of life in youth with and without chronic conditions and disabilities.
Domain(s) Goal Pursuit
Life Satisfaction
Positive Affect
Target population Child
Number of items 43
Administration format self-report
Additional formats
Alternate forms

A short form has been created but it is best used with the administration of another condition-specific module

Availability in other languages Croatian, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (US), and Spanish (Puerto Rico).
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Non-exhaustive list of psychometric studies

Patrick, D. L., Edwards, T. C., & Topolski, T. D. (2002). Adolescent quality of life, part II: Initial validation of a new instrument. Journal of Adolescence, 25(3), 287-300. doi:10.1006/jado.2002.0471

Salum, G. A., Patrick, D. L., Isolan, L. R., Manfro, G. G., & De Almeida Fleck, M. P. (2012). Youth quality of life instrument-research version (YQOL-R): Psychometric properties in a community sample. Jornal De Pediatria, 88(5), 443-448. doi:10.2223/JPED.2193

Additional information

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