Seed Grant Researchers

Seed Grant Program is designed to support researchers around the country to conduct small-scale research studies of up to one year duration on emotional well-being (EWB). This funding opportunity focuses on advances in EWB-related measurement. Seven (7) Seed Grants have been awarded.

Daniel Hernandez-Torrano

Advancing the conceptualization and measurement of emotional well-being through psychological network analysis

Nazarbayev University, Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education

Desiree Murray

Leveraging Ecological Momentary Assessment to Identify Patterns and Predictors of Emotional Wellbeing in Adolescents

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Research Scientist, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Zi Jia Ng

A Validation of Two New Tools forAssessing and Improving Adolescents’ Emotional Well-being in Schools

Yale University, Associate Research Scientist

Caroline Richter

Evaluation of a measure of socio-emotional competencies in children and adolescents

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Assistant Professor

Anthony Roberson

Toward a Pragmatic Understanding of Emotional Wellbeing Measurement with Youth

University of Houston Clear Lake, Assistant Professor of School & Health Service Psychology

Keith Sanford

Developing an Everyday Wellbeing Appraisal Scale for Behavioral Health Research

Baylor University, Professor of Psychology