Multifaceted Lifestyle Satisfaction Scale (MLSS)

The Multifaceted Lifestyle Satisfaction Scale (MLSS) is an interview structured primarily for individuals with mental retardation to assess their professed satisfaction with their living arrangements and communities, their personal relationships, their recreation and leisure, their employment, and their degree of self-direction

Self-Evaluated Quality of Life-Direct Weight measure (SEIQoL-DW)

The Schedule for the Evaluation of Individual Quality of Life (SEIQoL) is an interview-based instrument for the assessment of quality of life (QoL) of the individual. The SEIQoL has been used with a variety of patient groups, but its applicability may be limited in illnesses which impair cognitive functioning or motivational state. Successful completion of the SEIQoL requires, inter alia. insight into the factors which determine one’s quality of life. the ability to think abstractly and the ability to make judgments based on information presented in diagrammatic form. Therefore, its use with patients in whom these abilities are impaired may be problematic.

Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire

The Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire measures the impact of disability based on how frequently children engage and participate in a range of activities and what those activities are. It also provides contextual information on the impact of the disability on the participation of the family unit

Life Satisfaction Matrix

The Life Satisfaction Matrix: an instrument and procedure for assessing the subjective quality of life of individuals with profound multiple disabilities

Atkinson Life Happiness Rating

The Atkinson Life Happiness Scale consists of two indexes are computed from the QOL measures. The General Quality of Life Index combines responses from the life satisfaction, ladder and happiness measures while the Domain Satisfaction Index is an average of responses to the job, financial, housing, health and marriage/romance domains.

Kuwaiti Raha Scale (KRS)

The measure was developed to assess well-being among Kuwaitis in a way that reflects the Raha within the Kuwaiti culture, and reflects Kuwaiti cultural idioms of distress.

Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire Short Form (Q-LES-Q SF)

The Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire (Q-LES-Q) was developed by the authors to enable investigators and clinicians to easily obtain sensitive self-report measures of the degree of enjoyment and satisfaction experienced by subjects in various areas of daily functioning. The intent was to use a format and content applicable for assessment of subjects with a wide variety of mental and medical disorders.

Lifestyle Satisfaction Scale (LSS)

To assess people with intellectual disability’s satisfaction with their residence and its community setting and associated services.